Guide to Signals and Patterns in Image Processing: Foundations, Methods and Applications

Paperback / softback
This text reviews the field of digital image processing from the different perspectives offered by the separate domains of signal processing and pattern recognition. The book describes a rich array of applications, representing the latest trends in industry and academic research. To inspire further interest in the field, a selection of worked-out numerical problems is also included in the text. The content is presented in an accessible manner, examining each topic in depth without assuming any prior knowledge from the reader, and providing additional background material in the appendices. Features: covers image enhancement techniques in the spatial domain, the frequency domain, and the wavelet domain; reviews compression methods and formats for encoding images; discusses morphology-based image processing; investigates the modeling of object recognition in the human visual system; provides supplementary material, including MATLAB and C++ code, and interactive GUI-based modules, at an associated website.