Growth, Evolution and Properties of Surfaces, Thin Films, and Self Organized Structure: Volume 648

This book emphasizes the broad scientific and technological interest in surfaces, thin films and self-organized structures. A significant portion of papers addresses materials and devices at the nanoscale, including work on self-organized structures as well as nanopatterned thin-film structures. Materials research in three-dimensional (layer growth), two-dimensional (surfaces, interfaces), one-dimensional (quantum wires, point contacts), and zero-dimensional (quantum dots) objects are covered. Discussions span nucleation, island and pattern formation, interfacial properties, formation of quantum dots and quantum wires, defect kinetics, atomic migration, effects of stress and strain, electromigration, pulsed- laser deposition, vapor-phase epitaxy, CVD, MOCVD, PECVD, LPCVD, MBE, alloy formation, Monte Carlo simulation, molecular dynamics studies, atomistic simulation, atomically flat surfaces, surface and interfacial roughening, and faceting. Materials discussed include metals, semiconductors, oxides and other insulators, organics, and biomaterials.