Groups, Languages, Algorithms: AMS-ASL Joint Special Session on Interactions Between Logic, Group Theory, and Computer Science, January 16-19, 2003, Baltimore, Maryland

Since the pioneering works of Novikov and Maltsev, group theory has been a testing ground for mathematical logic in its many manifestations, from the theory of algorithms to model theory. The interaction between logic and group theory led to many prominent results which enriched both disciplines. This volume reflects the major themes of the American Mathematical Society/Association for Symbolic Logic Joint Special Session (Baltimore, MD), Interactions between Logic, Group Theory and Computer Science. Included are papers devoted to the development of techniques used for the interaction of group theory and logic. It is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in algorithmic and combinatorial group theory. A complement to this work is Volume 349 in the AMS series, Contemporary Mathematics, Computational and Experimental Group Theory , which arose from the same meeting and concentrates on the interaction of group theory and computer science.