Grieving: Personal Reflections - A Rabbi Talks about His Grief

May 18th, 2001. Naomi, wife of Rabbi Bulka dies. Cancer. Here, in this book, we share the astonishingly honest, painful and direct chronicle of a death.In the face of death, people experience a tumult of emotions, not just the person dying, but those who surround the person dying. Husbands and wives, children, family, is period of enormous intensity and also confusion. What to do? How to act? What to think? What and how to feel?This volume covers a wide range of issues and topics, including - Just Before, Immediately After, The Community Scene, The Intense Mourning Period, Post-Mourning Mourning, Issues, Words and Gestures, Healing, Future Focus, Reaction, Impact, The Faith Factor, Managing, Choice, Perspective, Fast, or Not So Fast Forward. Rabbi Bulka, the author of over 40 books and a very well known and respected community leader, cleric and psychologist, speaks openly and directly about himself and others.