Green Valley Farm

The accidental discovery of a buried Roman villa by Alec and Flora Conway, the new owners of Green Valley Farm, is the first of many adventures in P. Moray-Brown's adult novel. The story of this young Cornish couple, their family and friends, spans twenty years, and, as the tale progresses it is their son, Alaister, who begins to take centre stage. Upon leaving university, he returns to the farm and inadvertently becomes embroiled in the world of espionage and terrorism with Pat, a childhood playmate. The intrepid couple fall in love, and a dangerous government mission takes them all the way to the Caribbean. Back in their beloved Cornwall, their wedding day coincides with the outbreak of World War III. As Britain descends into a state of anarchy, the mysteries of the Roman villa are used to assist the newlyweds in their fight for Queen and Country.