Greek Key Words: The Basic 2, 000 Word Vocabulary Arranged by Frequency in a Hundred Units, with Comprehensive Greek and English Indexes

Learn Classical Greek with ease! "Greek Key Words"is a learning aid benefiting from computer analysis of the surviving corpus of classical Greek literature, comprising over 1,500,000 words. It consists of a list of the most common two thousand words in ancient Greek, with their meanings in English, arranged in decreasing order of frequency. The list is divided into a hundred units of twenty key words each, from which many more words can be derived, making this an easy way to learn classical Greek. These two thousand key words account for 85% of all word occurrences in Greek. "Greek Key Words"is the most efficient and logical way to acquire the basic vocabulary of ancient Greek. Most grammars and readers introduce words almost at random, so that a student can never be sure of mastering commonly-occurring words within a reasonable period. A frequency list such asGreek Key Wordscan create confidence and a sense of security in vocabulary building and, by dividing the list into manageable units, mastery can be achieved without undue strain. "Greek Key Words"is also weighted towards the authors who appear most often in examinations as set texts or as the basis for unseen translation. It is therefore of the maximum possible practical benefit for those working towards public examinations. Learn ancient Greek with confidence. Dr Jerry Toner has made sure that both adult beginners and schoolchildren alike will be introduced to all the most frequently-occurring words in classical Greek within their first year or two of study.English and Greek indexes allow the reader to trace each word in the lists and indicates by its position the relative frequency of that word. He is also the author ofLatin Key Words(ISBN 978-0906672693).