Great Insights on Human Creativity: Transforming the Way We Live, Work, Educate, Lead, and Relate: Volume 1

Paperback / softback
We all agree that it is beautiful world and the most brilliant civilization in human history: the highest standards of living the world has ever known; healthier life and longer life-span; instantaneous communication around the globe; endless variety of consumer products. But, with so many blessings, why is there so much "dissatisfaction with life?" Why are there so many cases of "emotionally disturbed children"; "troubled youth"; 'turned-off students"; "busy-yet-bored"employees"; "outwardl successful, and yet emotionally troubled executives";"inner emptiness"; "insecurity"; "frustration"; "alienation"; "drug-dependency"; and "alternative life-styles?" In Great Insights on Human Creativity the worlds greatest thinkers remind us that these are not separate problems, but symptoms of a single fundamental problem: undiscovered and underutilized human potential and, as a result, a deeper lack of fulfillment in peoples lives. Further, they tell us that if we truly want to deal with increasingly complex global problems and to build a more durable human civilization, what is needed is a system that allows people to experience themselves as important and creative, and that also enables them to engage their talents in socially and environmentally beneficial ways and, thus, to find meaning in their lives. This rare collection of insights we can all relate to from the voices we have trusted provides us with the tools we need to raise creative, self-confident children; make learning exciting and personally rewarding; imbue work with meaning and enhance workers productivity, commitment, and self-esteem; transform our organizations into collaborative communities of mutually-supporting individuals; energize our constituents to excel in areas of their maximum potential; and assist our clients and other vulnerable members of society to recognize and more deliberately tap their latent potentialities for more meaningful, more productive, and more fulfilling existence.