Great Careers With A High School Diploma Set, 10-Volumes

Job article features include: - Is This Job for You?--a self-assessment quiz- What You'll Do--an explanation of the job's setting- Let's Talk Money, Let's Talk Trends, and Reality Check--honest information on salary and employment prospects- Your Typical Day--a day in the life on the job- The Inside Scoop--an interview with a person who currently works in that field- What You Can Do Now--advice on preparing for the field- What Training You'll Need--information on certifications and training- How to Talk Like a Pro--important terms used in the field- How to Find a Job--tips on getting into the field- Secrets for Success and How You Can Move Up--ideas on how to do well and get promoted- Some Other Jobs to Think About--lists of related careers- Web Sites to Surf--lists of industry organizations and other career information.