Granta 113: The Best of Young Spanish Novelists: Issue 113

From Borges to Garcia Marquez, Vargas Llosa, Marias or Bolano , the Spanish language has given us some of the 20th century's most beloved writers. But as the reach of Spanish culture extends far beyond Spain and Latin America, and the US tilts towards a majority Hispanic population, the time is right to ask who and what is next in Spanish language fiction? In this, the first translated issue of Granta's Best of Young Novelists, a distinguished panel of six judges looks to new writing across the Hispanophone world and asks, 'Who are the most promising novelists telling the stories from the old and new worlds today?' Granta 113, published simultaneously in Spain as Los mejores narradores jovenes en espanol, will showcase the work of 20 promising new writers. Granta's previous Best Young Novelist issues have been startlingly accurate crystal balls, by first calling attention to the work of writers from Salman Rushdie to Jonathan Franzen to Zadie Smith. Here, for the first time in translation, we will again attempt to predict the stars of the future.