Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test Level 6

Prepare for the 2014 KS2 SATs with Scholastic's Practice Papers. Trusted by teachers and parents, Scholastic's Practice Papers were created in response to the new Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test for children in Year 6. The Practice Papers will help your child achieve to the best of their ability. * Essential practice papers for the 2014 National Tests to help your child prepare with confidence. * 100% in line with the tests - the most authentic practice tests available. * Each pack comes with three complete practice tests, an accompanying mark scheme and guidance booklet. * Guidance for parents, pupils and teachers on getting the best out of test practice and what is expected at Level 6. Please note that the GaPS level 6 title is 100% in line with both 2013 and 2014 tests and appears this year with a refreshed cover.