Good Friday

Anders Behring Brevivik The self-confessed perpetrator of the bombings at the government buildings in Oslo resulting in the death of eight civilians and the murders of sixty-nine people, mostly teenagers, on the island of Utoya. During his trial Brevivik made references to many right wing organisations throughout the world he stated held the same beliefs as he, amongst them an ancient Order in England calling itself 'The Knights Templar'. Detective Chief Inspector Sheila Whiteman Sheila Whiteman, a beautiful thirty-nine year old Detective Chief Inspector, often referred to as the detective with the looks and body of an angel and the mind of Einstein . Her investigation into the murder of five girls twenty-two years previously taxes her analytic abilities to the limit. Raena McCory A naturally gifted mathematician and brilliant business consultant. An enigmatic, complex and beautiful girl who always works alone. Devoid of morals, society and the law, she successfully couples her business activities with her occupation as a high class prostitute. These and her other creative skills eventually give her access to 'The Knights Templar.'