Good Business: Your World Needs You

Anti-globalization activists are rattling the world's most powerful corporations. In the wake of the September 11th attacks, there is a long overdue focus on the importance of global co-operation and community. How should big business respond? In this radical manifesto for capitalism, the authors argue that it's time for companies to start becoming the solution to the world's problems, and stop being seen as the cause; to start using their cultural influence, unique capabilities and grass-roots presence for widespread social good. With global capitalism in the dock, Good Business presents the case for the defence - how globalization makes the poor richer; why corporations are good for human rights; how brands can work for social change. But business cannot afford to rest on its laurels. Set against an outline of current thinking on Corporate Social Responsibility, the authors demonstrate through real and aspirational examples why campaigners for social justice and environmental protection should see business as their ally, not their enemy. This work brings to life the success that companies can look forward to when they combine customer interests and corporate aims with the world's desire for social progress and meaningful values. This is corporate social leadership. It is the essence of good business .