Gondwana Eight: Assembly, Evolution and Dispersal: Proceedings of the 8th Gondwana Symposium, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, June'91

Presenting new data on the now classical aspects of Gondwana geology, this work also highlights the increasing international interest as to how the Gondwana supercontinent was assembled. The book is organized according to three themes: assembly, evolution and dispersal, containing 57 papers of specialists in the area. Assembly: Late Proterozoic-Early Palaeozoic mobile belts of Gondwana, South America, Africa & Australo-Antarctica. Evolution: Detailed palynological & palaeontological research of Late Palaeozoic- Mesozoic palaeoclimate. Dispersal: Novel approach to predicting past plate motions followed by series of papers covering the break-up history of Gondwana;