Golf Magazine Private Lessons Updated Edition

Private Lessons is the most popular feature in GOLF Magazine - the place to go for tips, tricks and instructions that will get the lowliest duffer swinging like a pro. This second edition of Abrams' best-selling golf instruction book offers the best of the lessons that have appeared since the book was first published. More than 60 pages have been replaced with fresh, up-to-date material illuminating every aspect of the game. Its easy-to-follow instructions, combined with the wonderfully accurate full-colour illustrations, illuminate every aspect of the game - from approaching the tee to hitting out of trouble to improving the short game. Best of all, this is a book any golfer can use to advantage - low and high handicappers, men, women, juniors and seniors alike will benefit from the book's unique ability to break the most complex instruction into easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow steps. Golf Magazine's Private Lessons is an indispensable tool in any golfer's kit. The new volume is 20 percent revised and updated.