God is a Community: A General Survey of Christianity

The present work offers a new synthesis of the entire spectrum of the Christian faith, showing its inner unity, vibrancy and relevance. As such it is a work of a type that rarely appears these days: a systematic exposition of the Christian faith that goes beyond a mere compilation of the views of others. It achieves this through the consistent use of a key concept: the community that love creates. The work shows how love's power to unite and transform all that it unites can illuminate every aspect of the Christian faith. Moreover, the work deliberately sets out to present Christian beliefs in a way that transcends the traditional divisions of Western Christianity. At the same time, it notes where important differences remain while also pointing out directions in which they can be overcome. Written in an eminently readable style, suitable as a basic text for theological students of all denominations while also being accessible to anyone wishing to explore the depths of the Christian faith.