Global Telecommunications Law and Practice

This well-respected and widely used work covers regulation of telecommunications law and practice around the world. This edition has been brought out as a looseleaf work, and is ideally suited to keep practitioners up to date on this rapidly expanding and developing area.This edition has been updated to reflect the dramatic changes in the legislative regimes in many countries, largely fuelled by the WTO Basic Agreement on Telecommunications, which was signed by 65 countries in 1997. As a consequence, many more countries will be obliged to liberalise and develop their regulatory regimes. The book also takes into account the EU requirement that all member states (and EEA states) achieve full liberalisation of their telecommunications markets.* Provides country-by-country coverage of the regulation of telecommunications market in over 20 key jurisdictions* Covers regulatory organisations, licensing, radio communications, cable and satellite and environmental issues, amongst other areas* Examines the impact of EU regulations* Keeps practitioners up to date via annual releases