Give Me A Break

Amusing and utterly realistic account of family life from well-known actress and comedian, Colette Mann. Snap! Crackle! Pop! What do you think that is? Rice Bubbles huh? Not this time cereal-loving citizen. I think snap when my leg took its first break, crackle, when it shattered, and pop when whatever else happened. What happens when a 12-year-old, just starting to gain his independence breaks his leg so badly that he has a six-month recovery period at home with his mum?Give me a break! is an engaging and humorous account of the disrupted family life that follows. Written from the perspective of mum (Colette), injured son (Sam) and on-looker son (Charlie)Give me a break! is a book all parents (and their children) will relate to. the family tensions which emerge at times of fragility are laid bare with wit and humour.