Even those uninitiated to Tagore will identify, or perhaps even view as synonymous, Tagore and Gitanjali - Tagore's Nobel Prize-winning work. Most of us are not aware of the fact that the contents of the English Gitanjali (song offerings) are not identical with the Bengali book of poems bearing the same title. The English anthology was a compilation of poems taken from various books by Tagore. The present edition has for its base the English edition of Gitanjali - a selection of poems published in various books and magazines and translated into English by Tagore himself. This edition is the very first facsimile edition of Gitanjali. The original manuscript of the poems in Bengali is reproduced on the left-hand pages of the book. The facing right-hand pages carry their English translations. This collection of poems is indeed a collector's item, priceless to Tagore's scholars as well those being initiated to Tagore.