Ghostboy and the Moonbalm Treasure

Alex and his grandfather are ghosts. They've been dead for over 150 years. And they've been haunting Halibut Hall for just as long. Not much happens at Halibut Hall. So when they win a holiday to stay at Moonbalm Hotel - occupied half by the living and half by the dead - for the first time in years they are, well, dumbfounded. Moonbalm Hotel is full of the most extraordinary ghosts - from clowns to ancient Roman warriors. However it's not these strange figures from the dead that spark Alex's suspicions but two surly characters from the living. And its not long before he has uncovered their plot to steal the long-guarded Moonbalm Treasure. He has to do something but with his grandfather busily falling in love and the only person vaguely his age a girl from the living, will he be able to find the resources to retrieve the treasure and return it to its rightful owner?