GeV-TeV Gamma Ray Astrophysics Workshop: Towards a Major Atmospheric Cherenkov Detector VI, Snowbird, Utah, 13-16 August 1999: Snowbird, Utah, USA, 13-16 August 1999: Snowbird, Utah, USA, 13-16 August 1999

The topic of this conference was GeV to TeV gamma-ray astrophysics. Existing GeV-TeV observatories are being improved, and new analytical techniques are being developed. New detection techniques are yielding first results. Major observatories, both on the ground and in space, will begin operation within the next five years. New theories and multi-wavelength observations point to observing strategies. Included are papers on Blazars and Bl Lacs, On Markarian 421 and 501, Supernova Remnants, Gamma Ray Bursts, Other Sources, Imaging Atmosphere Cherenkov Observatories, Other TeV Observatories, and Future Observatories.