Get Real!: Cassette 2

Series: Get Real!
Audio cassette
Get Real! is a four-level course in American English that has been developed for learners of English in East Asia. It has been specifically created to meet the needs of East Asian students in terms of level, pace, approach, cultural relevance and design. Key features are: familiarizing students with the English they are most likely to hear, by exposing them to a variety of regional and international accents; introduction to new language in culturally appropriate contexts through a wide range of topics. Students personalize what they learn and talk about their own ideas and interests; acknowledging that most students have limited time to learn English in the classroom. The course presents and practices language through realistic and achievable exercises to give students a real sense of accomplishment; each unit comprises A and B lessons. Lesson A introduces core grammar with known vocabulary. Lesson B recycles this grammar while introducing new vocabulary. This approach allows students to learn in a manageable way; as well as constant recycling of grammar and vocabulary, which is a built-in feature of Get Real! , regular review units enable students to revisit language systematically; and it can be used in 50-minute and 90-minute lessons, thanks to the flexibility provided by the grammar check and activity sections in the back of the student book. The components for Get Real! include: student's book, with student audio CD and start up vocabulary book; teacher's guide - including unit-by-unit teaching notes, photocopiable supplementary activities, photocopiable course tests, and full answer keys; workbook - containing writing and reading activities to consolidate the language introduced in the student book; and class cassettes and class audio CDs.