Get Real

Beyond the Body Beautiful...this book is about how, if you face up to the tyranny of a negative body image that affects many of us, you can be happier, more relaxed and lead a much richer life. through a combination of humour, cartoons and factual information, Get Real! will show you how to transform your life by thinking and actign positively about your body. the Body Beautiful and her boyfriend, Hunk the Spunk, are a pair of ruthless, vindictive and relentless dictators. they insist we diet constantly, spend a fortune on skincare and fashion items, and spend our lives jumping over hurdles that BB and Hunk raise higher and higher. But, did you know that BB and Hunk are myths? And that by arming ourselves with knowledge (and a dollop of common sense) we can overthrow these tyrants? that we can liberate our selves, our minds and our bodies from artificial constraints and unrealistic standards? that we can GEt REAL!?! Bev Aisbett is the author and illustrator of the highly acclaimed It books, which address panic attacks and the area of personal change and transformation. She has teamed up with clinical psychologist Elizabeth Rieger to address the important issue of positive body image with the intention of debunking a number of insidious myths and freeing the enormous potential within us all.