Get off the Fence: 101 Steps to Help You Make That Big Decision

It's easy enough to tell ourselves Don't sweat the small stuff, but let's get real-it's not all small stuff. Sometimes we have to face tough decisions. Should we move to a different city? Get a divorce? Change religions? Terminate life support? Quit our jobs? Have children? Get Off the Fence! covers all of these life-transforming decisions, and much more. This is not an ivory tower textbook on decision theory-it's a step-by-step handbook for guiding people through the process of making difficult choices. Mother/son authors Rhoda and Jeffrey Makoff bring years of personal and professional experience to the table-they have made hundreds of big decisions in their successful careers and counseled thousands of people through difficult choices. The Makoffs present ten steps to effective decision-making, but they also recognize another essential component-the role of emotional issues in making the best decision possible. This crucial eleventh step is where the gut, heart or intuition comes in. Get Off the Fence! also includes fascinating stories about people who have made major life decisions. Get Off the Fence! will help people take control of complex situations instead of feeling helpless and paralyzed by indecision. It will prevent them from making poor decisions that create a lifetime of regrets and self-recrimination.