Get Into Spanish Pack New Edition

Mixed media product
Always wanted to speak Spanish? Looking for a new way of learning? Get Into Spanish is an award-winning interactive course from BBC Active and Cambridge University Language Centre. Its enjoyable and flexible approach allows you to decide how, when and where you'll learn. Get Into Spanish recreates typical holiday scenarios in animated locations around a virtual town. Its focus on real language means you'll be communicating in Spanish right from the start. A complete self-study course on CD-ROM, supported by a book, audio CD and website, Get Into Spanish is an innovative and entertaining way for beginners to learn the language. For your free interactive demonstration, log on to CD-ROM Take part in interactive dialogues, and pick up the skills and confidence to communicate. Record your voice and compare yourself with native speakers. Access instant support with the built-in phrase book and grammar notes. BOOK Use this handy reference to revisit the language you've met on the CD-ROM, and extend your knowledge with authentic reading activities. AUDIO CD Build on what you've learned by following the adventures of a young web designer as he arrives in Alicante in search of new horizons. WEBSITE Access games, activities and Hispanic culture around the world with your password to the dedicated website. You can also access a FREE demonstration to give you a flavour of the course. Above all, have fun learning a new language with Get Into Spanish. Previous Edition ISBN is 9780563472438