Gesta Regis Henrici Secundi Benedicti Abbatis. The Chronicle of the Reigns of Henry II and Richard I, AS 1169-1192 2 Volume Set: Known Commonly Under the Name of Benedict of Peterborough

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This chronicle begins in 1169: it covers the accession of Richard I in 1189 and ends in the Spring of 1192. It is a crucial source of information on the reign of Henry II and consists of annals and a wide variety of documents, presented here in the original Latin. The chronicle was originally attributed to Benedict of Peterborough (c.1135-93), who kept the manuscript in his library. This was disputed by the scholar William Stubbs (1825-1901), who edited this work for the Rolls Series in 1867. It is now widely accepted that the author was Roger of Hoveden (d.1201/2), clerk to Henry II and present during Richard I's journey to take part in the Third Crusade.