Geology and Confinement of Toxic Wastes/Geologie et Confinement des Dechets Toxiques: Proceedings of the International Symposium Geoconfine '93, Montpelier, France, 8-11 June 1993: In English & French

Whatever developments may take place in cleaner technologies, ecologically friendly products and the beneficiation of industrial residues, the geological, environment will, without any doubt for a long time, remain the repository for many solid wastes. The papers presented are devoted to the confinement of toxic wastes in geological formations. Aspects pertaining to the natural geological environment, the improvement of its containment properties, the surface isolation systems, the monitoring and the safety assessment of disposal facilities, as well as new confinement concepts, are detailed in the five themes: Natural geological barriers; Improvement of containment with treated geomaterials; Cover and surface isolation for disposal sites; Monitoring systems and safety of confinement; New confinement concepts.