Geo-environment and Landscape Evolution: Evolution, Monitoring, Simulation, Management and Remediation of the Geological Environment and Landscape: v. 2

This book contains papers presented at the Second International Conference on Evolution, Monitoring, Simulation, Management, and Remediation of the Geological Environment and Landscape. It features contributions from geologists, geographers, soil scientists, ecologists, engineers, planners, and other professionals interested in the contribution of geo-information to sustainable development or suitable use of the land. The book encompasses a wide range of topics, such as: Earth's materials and resources; soil and rock properties; earth's dynamics; hydrological studies; natural hazards and risks; vulnerability studies; environmental planning and management; environmental pollution and remediation; waste management, treatment and disposal; environmental modelling and monitoring; landscape analysis; geo-environment in urban settings; remote sensing and GIS; sustainable resource exploitation; geo-indicators; geo-statistics and data mining; soil and rock properties; climatological processes; geo-ecology; landscape ecology; land surveying; physical geography and palaeo-environments.