Genius Intuition: Seven Simple Secrets to Finding the Answers You Need

In these challenging times, it's not always easy to see the best next step on our path. In Genius Intuition, psychic and healer Peggy Rometo reveals a method to consciously channel our intuitive intelligence, which she calls Genius Intuition, to find the answers we need. Genius Intuition is our ability to access and accurately interpret the highest level of truth in any situation - information that comes to us free from the distortions and deceptions of our individual egos. First, Peggy teaches us the 'how to' of this powerful faculty, how to activate the psychic senses we may not even know we have, and puts us in direct connection with the answers that already exist within us. Further, she introduces the Seven Essential Energies of Creation that help us clear the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual obstacles the ego puts in our way, thereby opening a clear channel to Genius Intuition. Practical exercises and powerful tools such as meditations, visualizations, and mantras, illustrated in photos of Mariel Hemingway, help us tap into these energies and apply them in our daily lives. Genius Intuition paves the way for us to fulfill our life's purpose by engaging the intuitive genius already inside all of us.