Genetics, Molecular Biology and the Law

This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the interface between the law and modern science as represented by genetics and molecular biology, albeit in a highly digestible and lucid style. Chapters are: 'The Basics of Molecular Biology' (the genome, genetics, proteomics); 'Criminal Law' (molecular transfer processes; theft of DNA; forensic mathematics; keynote cases); 'Aspects of Civil Law' (paternity and maternity; retention of DNA and privacy; DNA in medical law; DNA, insurance and employment); 'Intellectual Property' (patenting genes, expressed sequence tags and single nucleotide polymorphisms, keynote cases in U.K. and U.S.A.); 'Food' (gene manipulation; aspects of tort; environmental risks); 'International Law' (genetically modified organisms, CITES and CBD, warfare and molecular biology). Genetics, Molecular Biology and the Law provides practitioners and academics alike with a detailed analysis of how the law is responding to the latest advances in the increasingly complex fields of molecular biology and genetics.