General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics: Eighth Canadian Conference Montreal, Quebec June 1999: 1999: Eighth Canadian Conference, Montreal, Canada, 10-12 June 1999

General relativity is the modern theory of gravity, due originally to Einstein. The study of gravitational systems under extreme conditions of density and energy is presently extremely active, for two very different reasons: First, the modern generation of astrophysical measurements are dramatically expanding the information we have of these systems in real astrophysical environments, such as in neutron stars, black holes, or the very early universe. Second, these same systems are proving to be very instructive theoretical probes of cutting-edge theories of elementary particles, such as string theory and its close cousin, M-theory. The confluence of these two trends makes it very fruitful to bring together astrophysicists, geometers, and string theorists, as was done at the 8th CCGRAA.