General Pathology: Illustrated Lecture Notes

Most modern textbooks on general pathology can be divided into two categories - those which emphasize the molecular biological features of disease and those which concentrate on experimental pathology. In this volume, the emphasis is on morphological pathology. Professor Rippey covers the essential features of general pathology with particular reference to those changes that can be seen either with the naked eye or through a microscope. Topics covered include cell injury, death and necrosis, pigmentation, calcification, haemorrhage, shock and oedema. The author writes in detail about the pathology of tumours (malignant and benign), metabolic and growth disorders, auto-immune disease, inflammation (chronic and acute), healing and repair. The book is aimed at second- and third-year pathology students in the medical and paramedical fields. It should also provide a useful source of revision material for those preparing for examinations for higher diplomas and degrees.