General Chemistry, Hybrid

Mixed media product
Reflecting Cengage Learning's commitment to offering flexible teaching solutions and value for students and instructors, this new hybrid version features the instructional presentation found in the printed text while delivering all the end-of chapter exercises online in OWL, the leading online learning system for chemistry. The result - a briefer printed text that engages students online! Help your students improve their grades and understanding of concepts with this value-packed Hybrid Edition of Darrell Ebbing's General Chemistry, 10th Edition . This cost-effective learning solution includes the textbook, the Cengage YouBook (a customizable, interactive eBook) and OWL, the leading online learning system for chemistry. To streamline the text and allow unlimited online practice, the end-of-chapter problems have been removed from the printed textbook, are assignable in OWL, and can be printed from the Cengage YouBook . An access code to OWL and the Cengage YouBook is included with the text, providing students with powerful online resources that include tutorials, simulations, randomized homework questions, videos, a complete interactive electronic version of the textbook, and more! The 10th edition continues to offer the signature clear explanations, macro to micro orientation, and enhanced problem-solving strategies that have made the book a best-seller. Now featuring a new design and a significantly enhanced art program that convey the excitement of chemistry, this Hybrid Edition provides students with even more learning support through a new Gaining Mastery Toolbox feature in all examples, more micro-macro presentations, new two-tier questions, and a new end-of-chapter Check List for Review.