David Walliams_BookD2: Gangsta Granny

Series: BookD Podcast (10)
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BookD offers a fascinating perspective into the world of publishing. Listen to authors discuss their inspiration behind their books, and hear the story of how these books were transformed from the initial concept. Tune in every other week for conversations with the stars of literature, art, film, music, science and politics. BookD presents one man against the odds...David Walliams talks to us about his new book and audiobook 'Gangsta Granny' which publishes on October 27th. This interview also talks about David's brand new challenge for Sports Relief. Yesterday morning (5th September, 2011) David took on 140 miles of the unpredicatable and very dangerous river Thames in order to raise money for street children in Kesumu, Kenya. This big swim is the equivalent of swimming the English Channel seven times and will take 8 days but having already swam the Channel back in 2006 and the Strait of Gilbraltar in 2008 he's in fine shape to get this under his belt too.