Future Medical Engineering Based On Bionanotechnology - Proceedings Of The Final Symposium Of The Tohoku University 21st Century Center Of Excellence Program

Combining engineering and medicine research projects with biological applications, the contributions in this volume constitute the efforts of both distinguished scientists and young investigators in various fields of biomedical engineering at Tohoku University, one of Japan's leading scientific research universities.The Tohoku University 21st Century COE Program Future Medical Engineering Based on Bionanotechnology is - out of 113 programmes chosen by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2002 - the only one program devoted to biomedical engineering. This book comprises the proceedings of the final closing symposium to be held in January 2007, and summarizes all the efforts of the program in a comprehensive manner. In total, more than 100 authors from the engineering and medical schools of Tohoku University have contributed to this volume, through which readers can understand all the research results carried out under the umbrella of the program.