Future Imperfect

From Keith Laumer, a titan of science fiction adventure and the creator of the legendary Bolo series - a wry vision of a future full of amazing developments, but a future where old problems come back to haunt humanity in strange new ways - this action-packed volume contains a full-length novel and a host of short novels and stories. First, Mal heads across an America ravaged by worldwide earthquakes when he runs into a dying stranger who speaks darkly of meeting men who weren't really men. Next: Steve Dravek awakens in a nightmarish city and immediately must fight for his life against ruthless organ-stealing gangs. His last memories are of a vanished time from a century ago. Now, as Steve tries to stay alive long enough to orient himself, he discovers that someone is hunting him through the dark city, someone who seems to know him better than he knows himself. Plus: The commander of the spaceship fleet that just annihilated the enemy armada decides to become world dictator - that is, unless his second in command can stop him!