Fundamentals of Marketing Research

Drawing together seminal and cutting-edge papers on qualitative and quantitative market research, this collection has been compiled by an award-winning scholar internationally hailed as a leading authority on market research. Naresh Malhotra offers academics a nuanced and comprehensive reading of the key issues and concepts across the field. This six-volume set covers the following areas: Volume One: Research Design Aspects: defining the marketing research problem, secondary data analysis, qualitative research, surveys and observation, experimentation. Volume Two: Scaling Techniques and Questionnaire Design: fundamental types of measurement, non-comparative scaling techniques, comparative scaling techniques, multi-item scales, reliability, validity, and generalizability issues, questionnaire design, design of observation forms. Volume Three: Sampling Plans: sampling considerations, non-probability sampling techniques, probability sampling techniques, sampling versus non-sampling errors, statistical approaches to sample size: mean and proportion. Volume Four: Basic Techniques of Data Analysis: parametric tests, nonparametric tests, analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, multivariate analysis of variance, correlation and bivariate regression, multivariate regression. Volume Five: Commonly Used Techniques of Data Analysis: multiple discriminant analysis, factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, cluster analysis. Volume Six: Advanced Multivariate Techniques of Data Analysis: logit models, probit models, tobit Models, conjoint analysis, multi-dimensional scaling.