Functional Analysis and Related Fields: Proceedings of a Conference in Honor of Professor Marshall Stone, Held at the University of Chicago, May 1968

On May 20-24. 1968, a Conference on Functional Analysis and Related Fields was held at the Center for Continuing Education of the University cl Chicago in honor of ProfessoLMARSHALL HARVEY STONE on the occasion of his retirement from active service at the University. The Conference received support from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research under the Grant AFOSR 68-1497. The Organizing committee for this Conference consisted of ALBERTO P. CALDERON, SAUNDERS MACLANE, ROBERT G. POHRER, and FELIX E. BROWDER (Chairman). The present volume contains some of the papers presented at the Conference. nther talks which were presented at the Conference for which papers are noLinduded hereare: K. CHANDRASEKHARAN, Zeta functions of quadratic fields ; J. L. DooB, An application of prob ability theory to the Choquet boundary ; HALMOS, Irreducible operators ; P. R. KADISON, Strong continuity of operator functions ; L. NIRENBERG, Intrinsic norms on complex manifolds ; D. SCOTT, Some problems and recent results in Boolean algebras ; 1. M. SINGER, A conjecture relating the Reidemeister torsion and the zeta function of the Laplacian . A banquet in honor of Professor STONE was held during the Con- ference, with brief talks by S. S. CHERN, A. A. ALBERT, S. MACLANE, E. HEWITT, K. CHANDRASEKHARAN, and F. E. BROWDER (as Toast- master), as weH as a response by Professor STONE.