Frontiers of Characterization and Metrology for Nanoelectronics: 2011

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This conference proceedings would be of interest to scientists and engineers interested in the latest advances in measurement technology critically needed to overcome measurement needs for the semiconductor industry. With the semiconductor industry moving further into nanoelectronics, the introduction of new materials and novel devices using innovative processing and assembly continues to bring formidable metrology challenges. We are in an era where nanotechnology is driving us toward ever smaller, faster, cheaper, and more complex devices. Innovative metrology and characterization methods are required. This book emphasizes the frontiers of innovation in the characterization and metrology of nanoelectronics. It comprises applications in nanoelectronic materials and devices, research and development, and manufacturing and diagnostics. Novel characterization methods for beyond CMOS and extreme CMOS devices are addressed, including interconnects, patterning, microscopy, modeling, and More than Moore. The Editors believe that this book of collected papers from world-class leaders provides a basis and effective portrayal of the industry's characterization and metrology needs and how they are being addressed by industry, academia, and government to continue the dramatic progress in semiconductors into the nanoelectronic regime. It also provides a foundation for stimulating further advances in metrology and new ideas for research and development.