From The Preshower To The New Technologies For Supercolliders

In the year 2000, the city of Bologna was the European Capital for Culture. For this reason, the University of Bologna and its Academy of Sciences, following the Gugliemo Marconi Centenary and the Luigi Galvani Bicentenary Celebrations, decided to call attention to the major achievements of their most distinguished members, in science and technology.This invaluable volume presents a series of inventions and technological developments, some thought of and directly implemented by Professor Antonino Zichichi, others suggested and developed under his leadership, all of them having contributed to the discovery of new particles and new phenomena in the field of subnuclear physics. The book was conceived by an eminent scientist, Professor Dr Bjoern H Wiik, Director of Germany's most prestigious physics laboratory, DESY (Hamburg). It would not be published were it not for Professor Dr Albrecht Wagner, Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors, and Dr Horst Wenninger from CERN (Geneva), the greatest European physics laboratory.