From Bush to Bush: The Lazlo Toth Letters

Lazlo Toth, the pen name for Don Novello, invented the genre: the crank letters we would all write to celebrities, presidents, CEOs if only you weren't so lazy, timid or sane. Lazlo Toth has been quiet for years, but he has not been dormant. He gets the political season started with this hilarious new collection of correspondence. In FROM BUSH TO BUSH, Lazlo Toth: - writes to Bill Clinton offering his services as Poet Laureate but also inquires about what he should wear to the inauguration. - offers to help Lloyd Bentsen with the National Debt but also to seek some DC apartment-hunting pointers. - sends a wonderful idea to the US ambassador to Turkey for a great new tourism campaign -- Thanksgiving Turkey in Turkey! - after she announces her dislike of cats, he writes to Cherie Blair asking her to adopt a dog from the US of A. - instructs President Bush on the finer points of debating Al Gore ('The press said your first debate came out even, but I say it was a TIE!') And the most hilarious and inexplicible thing about these letters to famous people is: THEY WRITE BACK! In the age of email and political apathy, it makes us proud to bring to you the voice of this lone concerned citizen, an epistolary soldier swinging low from Bush to Bush, forever getting it just a little bit wrong.