From Brass to Gold: (Vol. I) Discography of A&M Records and Affiliates in the United States^l (Vol. II) Discography of A&M Records and Affiliates Around the World

Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss founded A&M Records in 1962 with $200. In 1989, they sold the world's largest independent record label for nearly $500 million. From Brass to Gold is the rise of A&M from its start with the Tijuana Brass to a golden success. A&M and its 14 affiliated labels signed over 800 artists in every musical genre including the Carpenters, Quincy Jones, Styx, Supertramp, Burt Bacharach, Joe Cocker, Bryan Adams, Janet Jackson, George Winston, The Go-Go's, Carole King, Amy Grant, the Neville Brothers, and The Police. A&M's affiliates were George Harrison's Dark Horse Records, Windham Hill, Ode Records, IRS Records, Cypress Records, Delos, Denon, Gold Mountain Records, Nimbus Records, Perspective, Tabu, Vendetta Records, and Word Records. From Brass to Gold Vol. I is a comprehensive history of A&M. An astonishingly detailed quide to the creative output and corporate history, it catalogs albums, singles, jukebox, CDs, licenses, promotional videos, awards, collectibles, and Almo-Irving Music Publishing with artist, title and label, indexes. This book sets a new standard for the content of record label discographies.^L^L From Brass to Gold Vol. II assembles A&M and affiliate discographies from 35 countries with major discographies for Great Britain, Canada, Germany and Japan. Artist and title indexes are provided for each country. This is the only international discography of A&M or its affiliates.