Friends with the Scale: How to Turn Your Scale Into a Powerful Weight Loss Tool

This book presents a smart, practical approach that help dieters completely change their relationships with the scale. Using stories and examples from her work along with scientific data, the author shows readers how to discover the weight-loss power that lies within their scale when they simply make it their friend. Topics include: How to prevent the dreaded scale panic when you've been perfect but the scale goes up; The one time you should NOT step on the scale, under any circumstances; 14 factors that can routinely affect scale readings; How the 30-day rule can boost motivation again and again; Use the scale quiz to decide whether to throw away your scale or keep it; Ways to break a weight-loss plateau, even when the scale seems totally stuck; Secrets to managing the dreaded scale at a doctor's office; Scale rituals that actually work and help improve your success; Magic words that fix failure thinking when the scale number goes up.