Friends for the Journey - Student

Tested and proven resources for student-led Senior High youth groups Synago (syn-AH-go) is the Greek word together. It is the root word of synagogue, a place where people come together to worship and to learn the life-giving faith. In Synago, Senior High youth find a place among friends who come together to worship and to learn. Each study in the series provides 16 sessions for student-led small groups and includes the necessary information for setting up and maintaining healthy cell groups. This small-group design calls for two student leaders, one or two adult encouragers, and up to six additional youth members--usually friends--both churched and unchurched. When the group reaches ten, it splits. The two new groups then grow again to ten. The model (often called cell groups ) has proven effective and is especially appealing to senior highs because it teaches them leadership, encourages them to invite others, creates a safe place of spiritual intimacy, and deals with integrating Bible, life, and faith. A Student Leaders Guide is also available. Small-Group Sessions include: Who Are We?Get RealState of AlertNormal? What's NormalReply SoonThe Challenge of ChurchWWF: Wildly Walkin' in FaithFriends for the JourneyHome-Time HasslesJesus Jaw Droppers: Story 1Jesus Jaw Droppers: Story 2Jesus Jaw Droppers: Story 3The Lust FactorI Can't Handle the Pressure!Open Before Christmas: Part 1Open Before Christmas: Part 2