French Impressions - The Loire Valley: the Valley of the Kings

Series: French Impressions (2)
Yes, we know you know the Loire is the longest river in France. But did you know that one in every 702,203 Americans is named after the Loire Valley town of Nantes? Or that thirteen bottles of Loire Valley wine are sold and drunk somewhere in the world every second? Not all of them are imbibed by the author of this book, though he did his best to up the consumption rate during his year in this fascinating part of France. George East has spent more than a quarter of a century living with the enemy and observing their sometimes funny little ways, and the master raconteur's accounts of his rampaging around France have been enjoyed by millions. Inside these covers you'll find very little about the grand chateaux of the Loire, but a lot about the towns and villages and the people who live in them. You'll also learn about the history and culture and food and drink of the region. Particularly the food and drink. There are also dozens of easy-to-follow recipes for favourite Loirean dishes, from sauteed frogs' legs to roasted swan. One thing is for sure. You will find French Impressions: The Loire Valley different from any travel book you have read. Unless, of course, you are one of the army of fans who follow their flawed hero on his constant journeying in search of a Gallic paradise and the perfect coffee eclair -