Frank Wood's Business Accounting: Volume 1

The world's best-selling textbook on book-keeping and accounting, Business Accounting Volume 1 continues to provide an indispensible introduction for students and professionals across the globe. It is renowned for clarity, with easy-to-understand language and a plethora of examples to aid your understanding. The 12th edition is updated to be fully compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Other updates include new coverage of professional ethics, disaster recovery, and over 70 new examples to test your understanding. 'A benchmark for all accounting books.' Sarah Knight, former Finance Courses Coordinator, Huntingdonshire Regional College 'The writing style of the book is spot-on and just the right tone - well done! I consider all chapters to be at the appropriate level, very practical and structured in manageable bite-sized chunks.' Alison Fox, Lecturer, University of Dundee This title can be supported by MyAccountingLab, an online homework and tutorial system designed to test and build your students understanding. MyAccountingLab provides a personalised approach, with instant feedback and numerous additional resources to support their learning. For students * A personalised study plan * Worked solutions showing them how to solve difficult problems * An eText for quick reference * Case studies to help them apply what they've learned * Audio animations and videos Use the power of MyAccountingLab to accelerate your students learning.