France... Really!!!: The French Uncorked!

Ah...La France!! The country Anglo-Saxons love to hate. Yet, they are endlessly obsessed with all things French. Nineteen million Anglo-Saxons visit France each year. French places beckon us. French things captivate us. French people intrigue us. They always have. They likely always will. But who are they...REALLY!!!??? In France...REALLY!!! You will find thoughts, impressions, opinions, comments, questions and decrees(!) about the French which people have had for centuries -- but they never dared utter (at least in public). Author Dale Gershwin now exposes all these taboos (and not-so-taboos) with openness and honesty to give it to us Unsugar-coated, Unembroidered, Unprettified. The fables and foibles of the French -- finally revealed! Among the topics 'exposed' by the author you will find: Time, Sex, Food, Family, Service, Fashion, Political Correctness, Religion, Language, Sports, Politeness, Hygiene, Security, Politics, The Magic Word. In a rare combination of humour, scorching insight and flare, Dale Gershwin gets to the heart and soul of la France and les francais. This is a book to enjoy, to giggle with, to gasp at and to treasure.