Four Classic Quarterly Essays on Australian Politics: What's Left? Clive Hamilton, Groundswell - Amanda Lohrey, Rleaxed & Comfortable - Judith Brett, Breach of Trust - Raimond Gaita

A perfect election-year book- four groundbreaking Quarterly Essays on the people and ideas at the centre of Australian politics.In What's Left?, Clive Hamilton challenges the Labor Party to find a new way of talking to affluent Australia. In Relaxed and Comfortable, Judith Brett explores the Liberal Party's core appeal to voters and offers an original account of the Prime Minister. In Groundswell, Amanda Lohrey tells the fascinating story of the Greens and Bob Brown. And in Breach of Trust, Raimond Gaita looks beyond party politics to consider morality, truth and the war on terror.Following up on the successful first QE collection, this is a book that contains some of the finest Australian political writing of recent years.