Fostering Emotional Intelligence in K-8 Students: Simple Strategies and Ready-To-Use Activities

`Gwen Doty has written a practical, usable, and timely book on a subject that can have tremendous impact on student achievement. Well worth the reading!'- Donna Walker Tileston, Author of Ten Best Teaching Practices (Corwin Press 2000) `Gwen Doty's book is a useful, practical tool that raises a myriad of issues for those interested in exploring the relationship between emotional intelligence, empathy, pro-social behavior, and development' - Contemporary Psychology APA Review of Books, February 2003 This book is a must-read for teachers and educators who recognize that it takes more than scholarly achievement to help shape a student into a successful adult. Emotional intelligence creates individuals who are good decision-makers, strong empathizers, and `people smart'. The author shows in a clear and concise manner how to help students build character and gain leadership skills by incorporating simple techniques into their daily lessons. The numerous activities and simple strategies serve to give students a sense of self-awareness and empathy for others.