Forming a Partnership: And Making It Work

Making Partnerships Work Most partnership books focus on the technical aspects of how to. The more important question is how do. How do I make this succeed? Experienced corporate attorney Ira Nottonson covers both areas by exploring real-life examples that have generated success or failure in numerous partnership situations. Nottonson offers you a complete do-it-yourself guide to forming a partnership as well as the critical information necessary to navigate the various partnership relationships and make them work. Nottonson covers: Putting the partnership together Bringing a partner into a new or existing venture Smart strategies for dividing responsibilities and profits Joint ventures, implicit partnerships, investors and family Building a decision protocol Cash flow for growth and profit Give yourself a business advantage as Nottonson takes you step by step through the legal and personal issues of forming a partnership. Critical Checklists and Sample Contracts on CD-ROM Sample documents include: General Partnership Agreement Partner Ledger Minutes of Partnerships Meeting Form Action of Written Consent of Partners Summary of the Uniform Partnership Act State of Delaware Certificate of Limited Partnership Plus critical checklists for: Analysis of Partnership Developing a Partnership Reviewing Cash Flow Protecting Proprietary Information Arbitration and Mediation Building a Decision Protocol Bringing in New Partners Family Partnerships Attracting Investors And more For more than 28 years, Entrepreneur has provided the most trusted business advice available to business owners. Our legal guides continue that tradition by offering current and cost-effectivelegal information so you can resolve the business and legal issues you face on a daily basis. We'll also strive to help you identify when it's in your best interest to seek the personalized advice and services of a practicing lawyer.