Forever and All That Jazz, Book 3 of the Friendship Heirlooms Series

Newlyweds Jasmine Pepowski and Wesley Horace's relationship climbs a rocky ledge when she finds out that her sickly father can no longer live alone without assistance. Jazz can't imagine putting her beloved father in a nursing home, but Wesley isn't crazy about living with the old man. He's barely coping with the extreme changes marriage has wrought. He'd been a bachelor for most of his adult life and he'd never realized being married would mean compromising his personal desires for his wife's at every turn not to mention giving up his game room for a father-in-law. With her father's health in jeopardy, he discloses a shocking truth: Her mother is alive and well, a Jazz singer who made a conscious choice to walk away from her family to return to her career. Even as her father and Wesley advise her to leave the past in the past, Jazz has to know if her mother has regrets about her choices before she drops yet another life-changing anvil on her husband's already aching head.